LeChat Perfect Match Duo Set Review. The best polish we ever tried?

Lechat Perfect Match Duo Sets
LeChat Perfect Match Gel Polish & Nail Lacquer Review. 
Lets talk LeChat. Born 1993 in San Francisco, LeChat was created to service salon and spa professionals with the highest quality and initiative products. LeChat is the creator of the Gelee Powder Gel System, Perfect Match Gel Polish & Nail Lacquer and thermal-activated Mood Changing Polish. LeChat has acheived to attain all that it stands for: Learn, Experience, Create, Help, Achieve and Teach.
Quality: 10/10
We tested both the lacquer and gel polish over the duration of four months with various application processes. We tested the Gel and Polish with no base or top coat. We were amazed by how long the results lasted for both applications. The Gel and Polish both lasted 16 days without coming off! With the top and base both lasted 22 days. The consistency of both are also very nice and easy to apply without a very strong odor.
Shade Quality & Variety: 10/10
With 258 shades to choose from, 100% of them are to die for! The colors simply pop to life! There is a nice variety of each shade, you will definitely find the one for you! The glitters are absolutely amazing also! There are also lots of unique colors. 
LeChat is simply an amazing brand with incredible quality products. Reviews of their other products will be coming soon! 
You can view LeChat Perfect Match Products Here: https://directnail.com/collections/lechat-perfect-match
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That being said LeChat PM Sets are an amazing product that definitely meet our standards! 

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