How Nails Salons Cans Boost Revenue This Winter (2022)

 With fears of a recession and the weather getting colder, your salon is bound to see a winter slow down. However, there are a few ways you can boost revenue to offset the slow down. This article will go over a few things we personally implement to boost business during winter!


Offer limited time only seasonal experiences!


 The key word here is “experience”, use the seasonal changes to your advantage! We offer our clients a limited time only Pumpkin Spice Spa Pedicure using the Voesh Pumpkin Spice Pedi In a Box. Every year our clients rush to book their pumpkin spice pedicure so they don’t miss out on the opportunity!


Increase your average ticket value by up-selling


 We all know pedicure season dies around August, but it doesn’t have to! We offer our clients a warm jelly spa pedicure using AvryBeauty Jelly Spa Packets. We sell it as a “heat up your soul” experience. The same thing can be applied to basically any spa pedicure. Sell your clients on spa experiences with “Warmth” and “Heat Therapy” at the center of attention. Its time to get cozy!


Advertise, advertise, advertise!


 You should never be afraid to put some money towards advertising. With the first two subjects covered, now its time to make sure everyone knows about your seasonal offers! Find new customers through Facebook ads! Facebook allows you to advertise to salon goers in your area. Show those potential customers your new limited time only seasonal specials! If you need help figuring out how to use Facebook ads just remember YouTube is your friend! There are videos going over the entire process, making it super simple to get set up.


(Facebook Ad Example)

Nail Salon Facebook Ad Example




Offer your clients seasonal experiences to up-sell them on higher ticket services. Make sure your seasonal experiences are unique to stand out in the crowd. Use these seasonal experiences as a vehicle to advertise your spa on social media!

Codi Avocado Lotion

Someone say Avocado? Codi Lotion is a salon professional top pick!

Take a Peak!
Voesh Pumpkin Pie Pedi Kit

Warm your clients up with this cozy Pumpkin Pie Spice Pedicure

Check It Out
Gold Bath Soap Flowers

Bling up your clients pedicure experience.

Take a Gander