What is Voesh?

VOESH New York has revolutionized the mani pedi business, creating a 100% hygienic spa experience where "Your ordinary spa becomes EXTRAORDINARY". Offer your clients the treatments they deserve and want with VOESH® New York's industry changing individual single use packets. Give them different aromas and feelings, for the extraordinary spa experience they are seeking. VOESH® New York creates multiple high quality products that no one else offers and we know your clients will absolutely love them. 

What makes VOESH® New York's products different from the rest? VOESH® is:

  • Mineral Oil Free (Many people are Allergic to petroleum product and Mineral oil clogs pores.)
  • Ethanol Free
  • Benzophenone Free
  • Totally Hygienic
  • Premeasured - Single use packets(No waste or contamination.)
  • Easy to Display(Clients love choosing their own specialized treatment for the day.)

Codi Avocado Lotion

Someone say Avocado? Codi Lotion is a salon professional top pick!

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Voesh Pumpkin Pie Pedi Kit

Warm your clients up with this cozy Pumpkin Pie Spice Pedicure

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Gold Bath Soap Flowers

Bling up your clients pedicure experience.

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