What is Voesh? Voesh New York Products Explained!

So if someone were to ask me, what is Voesh? Here's what I would say. "Voesh is a company that focuses on improving salons quality of service and management. They offer pedi and mani products pre-packed for individual customers". You are probably asking, what do you mean pre-packed? Well for example, Voesh has the Pedi In a Box deluxe. There are 10 different aromas to choose from, and in each kit there are pre-measured packets of Sea Salt Soak, Moisture Scrub, Mud Masque, and Message Lotion. All made and pre-measured for one client. And like I said before there are 10 different aromas for the customer to choose from. Making it a different experience every time they visit, and making them want to keep coming back. And for the salon, you get a whole menu of options for low as $28.00 where before you would have to buy bulk of each item, which could be costly. And its easy to keep track of. You know you purchased 10 kits, and there is 1 left, you know you did 9 services. So Voesh is cost efficient, easy to manage, and customers love it. Switch to Voesh now! Learn more at www.DirectNail.com

Codi Avocado Lotion

Someone say Avocado? Codi Lotion is a salon professional top pick!

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Voesh Pumpkin Pie Pedi Kit

Warm your clients up with this cozy Pumpkin Pie Spice Pedicure

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Gold Bath Soap Flowers

Bling up your clients pedicure experience.

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