Why use Voesh in your spa?

Why use Voesh in your spa?

If you're a Nail Spa owner you should 100% be using the Voesh product line and here's why!

1. Sanitary - All the Voesh products revolve around one thing, and that's one time use. Voesh Pedi & Mani's in a box are pre-packaged, pre-measures services in a box. You can click here to see in full detail!

2. Variety - Voesh also offers a full menu of different Pedi's & Mani's using Aroma Therapy. Voesh Pedi In a Box Deluxe currently has 11 different aromas to choose from! One for Detox, stress relief, rejuvenation, and much more. It will give your customers a reason to keep coming back and to try a new pedi each time.

3. Management - Using Voesh you can see exactly how many services are being done and you 100% know that no product is being wasted. A major issue with bulk is that there is a lot of wasted product. With Voesh there is no more need to worry about techs using to much. And no more needing to guess how many more services you can get out. If you see 10 Voesh Pedi's, you know you can do 10 more services!

4. Quality - All Voesh products are 100% vegan and Paraben free. And only contain 100% natural high quality ingredients. 

5. Be different from other nail salons!

 Learn more about Voesh at www.Directnail.com 

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