SalonTalk | AvryBeauty Shea Butter Gloves & Socks Review

 Hello! Welcome to our newest addition of SalonTalk, a weekly blog curated by DirectNail! Here I will try out one of the products we offer on our site and give you an honest review so you know what to expect.

 Today I am trying the AvryBeauty Shea Butter Gloves & Socks! Conveniently the steps on how to achieve the best results are located on the back of the package. Below I will summarize these listed steps as well as add some tips of my own. The first step is to clean hands or feet, remove any nail polish and shape. Secondly apply the gloves or socks and gently massage into the skin and nails. Thirdly, push fingers or toes through the tips to proceed with service. After, I would suggest pushing back cuticles before removing the gloves. After removal you will see a bit of lotion left over on the hands and feet which absorbs after massaging. Thankfully this product does not leave behind a greasy feel whatsoever but it does leave a long lasting subtle fragrance and amazing skin softness. I am truly shocked how soft my overworked hands and feet became in such a short time. This would be perfect for any salon looking to offer a waterless nourishing treatments at an affordable price. This is also an amazing product for those salons looking to reduce the need for soaking in water, cuticle softener or oil. AvryBeauty's Shea Butter Socks & Gloves come in Lavender, Chamomile and Shea Butter aroma. 
  • Q: Does AvryBeauty Gloves and Socks fit all feet and hand sizes?
  • A: These Gloves and Socks will surely fit hands and feet no matter the size!

    • Q: Does the tips of AvryBeauty Gloves and Socks come off?
    • A: Both Shea Butter Gloves and Socks are intentionally thin enough to push finger tips and toes through. 

      • Q: Are AvryBeauty Gloves and Socks reusable?
      • A: No, they are Single use products which is great when it comes to inventory management.

        • Q: What aromas do AvryBeauty Gloves and socks come in?
        • A: They both come in Shea Butter, Lavender and Chamomile!

          • Q: What are the purpose of AvryBeauty Gloves and Socks?
          • A: AvryBeauty Gloves and Socks have many purposes! Their main purpose is to be used as a waterless nourishing hand and foot treatment.

          You can purchase AvryBeauty Gloves & Socks Here!

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