SalonTalk | Whats the best nail supply store?

Whats the best nail supply store?! We are still a relatively new company but focused on a few key things. First off, having the absolute best customer service! Without repeat, happy customers we wouldn’t survive, so its only in our best interest to make sure you’re happy! Second being our prices. We are always on top of the market to make sure we are competitive, we don’t want to give you a reason to shop at our competitors!

What are a few benefits of shopping at DirectNail?

Well, we we just launched this really cool reward program! Every customer receives 2% back on their order in the form of store credit, no funny business! You can save and spend your credits however you like. We also ship all orders same or next day! When you have things like Amazon around our customers expectations are very high and we always try to meet them! And finally, the overall experience of shopping with us! We aren't some big corporation, we care about every customer and order. Everything is still very personal.

DirectNail future plans?

As mentioned before, we are still a pretty new company! We still have a lot expansions to make. Right now we have a lot of essentials, pedi & mani supplies, tools, etc. However, we are currently trying to expand on the polish brands we carry. We want carry everything, even the not so popular “big” brands. We want to be a one stop shop for everything nails. Once we achieve that we want to also move into other subcategories of salon, such as wax and massage.

How was DirectNail started?

I started it in 2015 when I was in high school. The year prior I had a small business importing and selling cool product I found online. Eventually I ended up selling these products at the international beauty show in NY, which is my home state. The booth next to me was a company (unnamed) that just started. They made a cool product for nail salons and I asked if I could sell it and they said yes. They just so happened to be headquartered five minutes away from where I lives so I could easily dropship it. I went door to door to nail salons selling these products, It was a super exciting time! Eventually I kept getting call backs for more product and I realized how good this business is. Being a nerdy kid who made websites for fun, I eventually took this business online, which became DirectNail.

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