DirectNails Story

Image: DirectNail first office 2017

DirectNail was started in 2015 by a High School Student named Alex. The year prior, Alex had already started a small side business as a freshmen selling cool products he found online at local farmer markets and holiday fairs. He eventually found a product everyone seemed to love and saved up enough money to attend a trade show. He went to IBS (International Beauty Show) in New York City. At IBS he met a ton of amazing people and eventually ran into the founders of newly started company. He thought they had an incredible product and asked if he would be able to sell it himself, they said yes! He then went door to door selling their product line to Nail Salons. This lead him to taking his business online and creating Over time the business kept growing and Alex kept expanding. He had a vision of what he wanted DirectNail to become, to make it the ultimate one stop shop for all your Nail Salon needs with the best customer service and prices. For the first year he ran DirectNail out of his parents garage, but he quickly out grew it and moved into his first office in early 2017. In 2018-2019, DirectNail has 5 team members working full time to provide the best service possible. DirectNail is growing and expanding every month, getting a little bit closer to that end goal. View our timeline to continue the journey! 👇

"I just want to say thank you to every single person who decides to work and shop with us. Everyday is such a blessing, thank you all! And thank you to the company that gave me the opportunity and chance to start DirectNail, you know who you are!"
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The story will continue but unfortunately we can't see the future!