Lotus Pedicure Spa Pedicure Spa Chair



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Lotus Pedicure Spa: The Lotus symbolizes rebirth to the ancient Egyptians, purity to the Buddhist and beauty to the Hindus. AYC Group’s Lotus Pedicure Spa allows customers to attain feelings of rebirth, purity, and beauty by spoiling them with the full pedicure spa treatment.

The Lotus features Shiatsu Logic massage technology and technician oriented tub design. Beautiful and simple to use, Shiatsu Logic provides a soothing and therapeutic massage. Shiatsu Logic technology is the solution towards relief and lasting comfort. Its’ formula thoughtfully combines the massage settings of rolling, kneading, tapping, pressing, and knocking to give your body the energy of a brand new day. The Lotus Spa Tub offers nail technicians functionality and maneuverability. The base of the tub allows technicians the ability to effortlessly access their customer’s feet.

Additionally, the spa tub comes complete with a Pipe-less Whirlpool System and a Pull-Out Sprayer. The Lotus’s chemical resistant fiberglass provides outstanding durability and easy maintenance.


armrest 38 armrest 61

armrest 51 featuring...

SHIATSULOGIC: Full function massage chair for spa tub

additional armrests

shiatsulogic chair in Cappuccino

- DIM: 28” (W) x 26.5” (L) x 38” (H)

- Seat: 22”x17