Monomer Acrylic Nail Liquid All Season (MMA) Gallon by LaPalm

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Product Description

Provides excellent adhesion with color stabilizers to prevent discoloration.

Contains 1 Gallon

What Monomer Acrylic Liquid?

The acrylic used in sculpted nails is formed by the reaction of a monomer liquid with a polymer powder. The monomers ("mono" meaning "one") contained in the liquid are microscopic chemical units which react together when mixed with chemicals in the powder.

Warning From DirectNail

Here at DirectNail we care about you and your customers safety. We always try to carry the best quality and highest rated products. We do not recommend using MMA Acrylic Liquids as they are hazardous for both you and the customer. We understand that this is the cheaper option compared to EMA Acrylic Liquids but we still recommend you consider using that instead. EMA liquid is a more expensive option but safe and FDA approved. You can view our (EMA Liquid Here).


IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTICE: If your order contains Acrylic Liquid the entirety of the order must be shipped via UPS Ground. Orders containing these "Flammable Goods" are also not eligible for Two Day Shipping or Free Shipping. All shipping costs are automatically calculated by UPS Ground. Here at DirectNail we know how important your order is, we do everything in our power to get your items to you as fast and affordably as possible. Thank you for your business!

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