About DirectNail and Voesh

What is Voesh?

VOESH New York has revolutionized the mani pedi business, creating a 100% hygienic spa experience where "Your ordinary spa becomes EXTRAORDINARY"™. Offer your clients the treatments they deserve and want with VOESH® New York's industry changing individual single use packets. Give them different aromas and feelings, for the extraordinary spa experience they are seeking. VOESH® New York creates multiple high quality products that no one else offers and we know your clients will absolutely love them. 

What makes VOESH® New York's products different from the rest? VOESH® is:

Mineral Oil Free (Many people are Allergic to petroleum product and Mineral oil clogs pores.)Ethanol FreeBenzophenone FreeTotally HygienicPremeasured - Single use packets(No waste or contamination.)Easy to Display(Clients love choosing their own specialized treatment for the day.)

What is Direct Nail?

Direct Nail is a website where you can purchase everything you need to make your spa luxurious and high end. We only sell a select few of products we think every salon should have. And that's why Voesh is our main product line. Its luxurious, sanitary, and gives your customers another reason to come back.  But Voesh isn't all we sell, we also have "higher end"  disposable tools from Avery Beauty. But were are always looking for new product to introduce to your salon! 

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Jasmine & Mango 4 in 1 Pedi is officially released and available for purchase!

Jasmine & Mango 4 in 1 Pedi is officially released and available for purchase!

  Deluxe 4 Steps: Sea Salt Soak  Moisture Scrub  Mud Masque  Massage Lotion  Does NOT Contain: Benzophenone, Mineral Oil or Ethanol VOESH...

2016 Voesh upcoming products!

Jasmine and Mango will be released for the 4in1 Deluxe Pedicure in late December, 2016! 
Cosmoprof 2016!

Cosmoprof 2016!

Cosmoprof 2016!